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Developer: Astatix Games
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File Size: 1 Mb

Astatix Launcher allows you to quick start any applications, open documents and explore folders in a single click. It allows assigning hotkeys to any actions, fulfilling several special functions: open/close CD door, run screen saver, hide task bar and others. One of additional possibilities is a control of Winamp. You can use any hotkeys and control Winamp player anytime even you are playing full-screen games like Quake or Counter Strike.

Astatix Launcher differs from other related software by a unique and handy interface. This program contains many ways of adjusting the program to the user's taste.

Launcher represents applications with multicolored rectangular bars with titles and icons of the applications or documents, which are placed on the borders of the screen. They can be located at the top, bottom, left or right edge of the screen, depending on adjustments. On the screen, the ends of bars are visible only. On moving a mouse to them, bars expand from the borders of the screen toward the center. A click on the bar performs the operation associated with this bar. For each bar it is possible to set a hotkey, pressing it will perform the operation assigned to this bar.

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